Terrapin Station

Studio Album

Released: 1977


Estimated Prophet [5:35]
Dancin' In The Streets [3:30]
Passenger [2:48]
Samson & Delilah [3:30]
Sunrise [4:05]
Terrapin Part One [16:10]
Lady With A Fan
Terrapin Station
Terrapin Transit
At A Siding
Terrapin Flyer


Liner Notes:




Production by Keith Olsen for Pogologo Productions
Engineering: Keith Olsen and David DeVore
Cover Art: Kelley/Mouse Studio c1977
Art Coordination by Mary Ann Mayer
Recorded and Mixed at Sound City, Van Nuys
Additional Recording at Automated Sound Studios, New York City
AIR London, Triden, Abbey Road, London, England
Mastered by Rick Collins at Kendun Recorders
Orchestral Arrangement by Paul Buckmaster
Performed by the Martyn Ford Orchestra
Conducted by Martyn Ford
The English Choral Conducted by Robert Howes
Lyricon and Saxophones on "Estimated Prophet" by Tom Scott



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Terrapin Station was released July 27, 1977.

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